5 Ways that New Paver Installation Can Make Your Hotel an Industry Standout and Boost Revenue

We’ll cut right to the chase: a beautiful exterior design for your luxury hotel is one of the most valuable investments to be made. Setting up an immaculate landscape means investing in the power of the first impression – and, as Internet bookings grow and guests are presented with more options every day, there’s no denying the power of the first impression. Pavers are the foundation of your hotel’s exterior design and, as such, can have a major impact on guest perceptions and your bottom line. In this blog post, we’re going over why it’s important to leverage pavers in order to make your hotel an industry standout and boost revenue – and how to do it for the best results. Let’s get started.

The Industry Standard

It’s impossible to become an industry standout without meeting and exceeding the industry standard, and there’s no denying that immaculate exterior design is the standard among luxury hotels. The key, then, is to take your exteriors a step above immaculate: they should be inspired. Perfectly laid-out pavers are expected by guests looking for the luxury hotel experience; perfectly laid-out pavers in interesting colors, textures, and patterns exceed expectations. In our increasingly click-driven, visual world, your hotel’s perceived value is equated with its aesthetic appearance. An interesting and dynamic paver design is one way to make sure your property stands out.

Increased Perceived Value

Masterfully installed pavers don’t just make potential guests stop and stare; they incentivize them to choose your hotel. Our culture places a tremendous value on beauty, and this extends to properties – in fact, we have begun to quantify the extent to which this applies to them. Studies show that exterior design can boost a property’s perceived value by approximately 12%. Bottom line: guests are willing to pay more in order to stay at a beautiful hotel. Your property offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of ordinary, everyday life; it should be perceived as such from the first moment guests lay their eyes on it. That comes down to your landscaping.

Most Bookings are Digital

A study conducted by Statistic Brain found that over 65% of hotel bookings are made online. This means that the vast majority of your hotel’s revenue relies on its digital presence, which in turn relies on its visual appeal. The digitization of the first impression is both great and tricky: on the one hand, it allows hotels to curate exactly how they’re seen by future guests. On the other, it means that these guests have instantaneous access to thousands of hotels with a carefully strategized online presence. Guests probably won’t notice the minute details in a hotel room at first glance, but they will notice your immaculate grounds, the general look and feel of your property, and any interesting large-scale paver designs you choose. That means that your digital presence can’t only rely on showcasing how beautiful your hotel is; it must demonstrate that your property is beautiful and unique.

The Instagram Factor

While your website and online review pages are catered to appeal to the individual prospective guest, there’s another crucial aspect of the digital world to consider: social media. There are over one billion users on Instagram alone, and over 55% of them are compelled to make purchases upon seeing appealing images. While your website targets the individual, your social media presence (and any photos of your property that appear on social media) should target the masses. There’s a reason why the one-of-a-kind Las Vegas Hotels are among the most-photographed and shared on Instagram: unique, statement-making exterior design makes people on social media take a second look. A few landscaping and exterior design choices can mean the difference between a shareable social media darling and a digitally anonymous hotel.

An Attraction Unto Itself

Your hotel doesn’t necessarily need on-the-water bungalows or a roller coaster in order to feel like an attraction unto itself; all it needs is to make guests feel as though they’re in a beautiful haven. That said, guests generally don’t want to spend their entire trip in their rooms; they want to be outside, enjoying the fresh air (especially in Florida). Give them something beautiful to enjoy while they’re there. Create dynamic, interesting paver designs throughout your property’s exteriors, and install immaculate landscaping to match. Make your grounds somewhere they want to stay put, enjoy, and photograph.
Pavers are an underrated yet extremely effective way to make your hotel an industry standout and boost revenue. Our world becomes more visuals-driven every day; your exterior design should leverage this to its advantage. To talk about creating an inspired paver landscape for your hotel and get a free quote on the project, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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