How Pavers Can Make or Break Your Hotel’s Status as a Luxury Destination

First impressions aren’t easy – but, in the luxury hotel world, they can be everything. Of course, the luxury hotel industry isn’t just about attracting customers: it’s about providing a holistic top-of-the-line experience that begins at first glance and extends beyond checkout. It means giving guests an idea of the world-class quality they can expect and delivering every time. To put it bluntly, it means living up to your reputation – and your hotel’s reputation begins with its exterior design. Pavers are the foundation upon which your hotel’s exterior design – and, therefore, thousands of first impressions – are built. In this blog post, we’re examining real-world statistics that highlight how pavers can make or break your hotel’s reputation. Let’s dive in.

The First Impression Effect

Despite the idioms that tell us otherwise, the hospitality industry encourages guests to judge a book by its cover – and for good reason. Paying attention to a hotel’s exterior landscaping, especially the vision with which it was built and the care with which it is maintained, tells customers lots about the degree of attentiveness they can expect to receive during their stay. This explains why an international study found that two-thirds of travelers reported taking a hotel’s exterior appearance into consideration when deciding where to stay. For customers who deliberately want a luxury hospitality experience, a hotel’s exterior design is a means by which the hefty price tag is justified: in fact, studies show that landscaping can increase a property’s perceived value by up to 12%. It is impossible to achieve a polished, sophisticated landscape without expertly installed and beautifully designed pavers: they quite literally set the foundation for a hotel’s first impression.

It’s the International Standard

The truth is simple: impeccable landscaping is the international standard among luxury hotels, and to fail to maintain it is to immediately fall below the high bar that has been set. One hundred percent of luxury hotels in the United States take painstaking care of their exteriors, and it’s no mystery why: because the guest experience begins at first sight. From the first step a customer takes on a luxury hotel’s perfectly installed pavers, they expect a non-negotiably high standard of quality. Noticeably chipped, cracked, or haphazardly installed pavers destroy this experience, which is an unacceptable possibility in the highest tiers of the hospitality industry.

Long-term Appeal

Pavers are a unique investment in that they’ll probably be among the longest-standing features of any luxury hotel. Unlike artwork, furniture, or even the shape in which hedges are trimmed, pavers can’t be removed and changed in a matter of minutes. They’ll become a fundamental part of your hotel, and – if they are inspired or interesting enough – even a fundamental part of its brand. The average pavers can last for over 30 years, making them an excellent opportunity to make a statement about your hotel’s identity with dynamic design, interesting shapes, or simply impeccable handiwork. Don’t think guests won’t notice: a study conducted by Clemson University shows that landscaping pays for itself, yielding an ROI of over 100%.

Make a Statement About Your Brand

Why don’t luxury destinations in Florida generally go for a warm, cozy exterior design? Why are mountainside hotels so averse to beach-themed entryways and open, breezy decor? The answer isn’t just because these decorations would be incompatible with the weather, though that’s definitely true. It’s also because each luxury hotel has a location-specific brand that must appeal to exactly what guests are looking for when they choose to stay in that region. That said, luxury hotel chains must tread carefully between location-specific exterior design and a higher standard of quality across locations. It’s a fine line, and it’s one that begins with impeccable landscaping. Your hotel’s exterior must simultaneously convey the spirit of the region where it’s located while accurately representing the company brand. This is why it’s particularly important to work with a paver service provider who asks questions and listens carefully to your needs in order to bring your vision to life.
Extraordinary landscaping starts with beautifully designed and perfectly installed pavers. Show your guests the world-class hospitality they can expect throughout their stay and set the standard for a renowned luxury brand. Pavers can make or break your hotel’s reputation; to get started on taking yours to the next level, reach out to us for a free quote.

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