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Say Goodbye to the Same-Ol’ Driveway

With the right pavers, your home will stand out from your neighborhood. Classic paver driveways will turn your lackluster outdoor spaces into a stunning, magazine-worthy property. These beautiful, durable materials will complement your façade and manicured lawns. And should you decide to sell your house, the paver driveways will drive home value and make the property more desirable to buyers.

You won’t go wrong with Power Pavers’ driveway paver installation services in Tampa Bay Area.

Our Driveway Paver Installation

Driveway services are your visitors’ first impression on your property, whether commercial or residential. Power Pavers is committed to providing you with the high quality driveway solutions that have shown peace of mind and satisfaction for all of our customers. We offer you travertine, travertine marble, limestone, because, our team is made up of highly trained professionals.  You have an endless supply of options when it comes to paving. We have brick, concrete, and natural stone (sandstone, granite, slate, limestone, etc.). They also come in many colors and shapes.

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what is block paving?

This is a very popular way of paving sidewalks, paths, and patios. Much of the growth in this service has been driven by the increase in the number of suppliers – which has led to a reduction in the cost of the materials used, and with it, bringing it into easy access for everyone who needs to give their home’s outdoor areas a new look. We work with a wide variety of shapes, thicknesses, and colors for paving sidewalks and patio blocks to suit almost any application, allowing you to get the look you want.

Monoblock is tough and multi-purpose enough to enhance your paths and sidewalks. Monoblock paths and sidewalks are a proven feature for any building and will add value to your property by creating a strong and impactful first impression of your home. There are many different colors and styles of monoblock stone to choose from and we can plan your driveway or patio project according to your exact stipulations, although we can advise on anything we feel would benefit or enhance your monoblock driveway. 

how the job is done

Power Pavers uses only the highest quality monoblock stones specifically manufactured for the durability of patios, sidewalks or driveways. With a variety of options, our experts will carefully guide you in selecting the right stone for your specific driveway, pathway or patio. For all driveway and monoblock work, we offer a free planning and design service to ensure you have the perfect driveway for your property and surroundings. Check out where Block Paving can be done.





Parking Lot

Parking Lot

Block Paving Benefits
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High Quality Products

What differentiates our company is that we do not accept an average service. To deliver the best, we use only the best materials, because your home deserves the best.


Because we use only the best products, our services are extremely durable. Don't worry, with us you are hassle-free.


We respect your money and to prove that we are an honest company, we give a warranty on our services. Within a year if any problem happens you can talk to us and we will solve it.

Exclusive design

Together with you and your needs, we develop an exclusive and personalized design. You have never seen anything like it, because we work to make your home have an outstanding design.

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We are ready to answer all your questions and guide you in the best choice. We guarantee a true before and after with our services.

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We here at power pavers are dedicated to providing you the best possible outdoor living space through creative design and skilled installation. Our teams of trained and highly skilled installers will provide the solid foundation for your outdoor lifestyle. With over 40 years of combine experience our team of professionals will be doing the job quickly and expertly so you can sleep well knowing the job is done right the first time.