5 valuable perks you can only get by hiring a full-service paver company.

It may be tempting to take on paver maintenance yourself. After all, there’s nothing that a good pressure washer can’t fix, right? Well, when it comes to pavers, that simply isn’t the case. Installing and maintaining pavers that are set up to last takes expert-level knowledge; it means the difference between beautiful pavers that last for years and a potentially dangerous, damaged exterior for your home. Today, we’re talking about the biggest perks you can only get by hiring a full-service paver company, and trust us – they make a major difference. Let’s take a closer look.

Licensed Professionals

Though it may be obvious, it’s important enough to warrant a mention: working with a professional paver company means working with licensed and trained professionals. Always look for a paver company’s license number on their website and promotional materials. This indicates that every member of the company’s team has been extensively trained to adhere to high standards of quality and safety. Licensed professionals are faster, more effective, and safer than even the most ambitious DIY-ers. If you notice that your pavers are in need of repair, sealer, or re-installation, we cannot recommend enough that you entrust the process to a pro.

Specialized Equipment

Here’s the thing: lawn care equipment may be able to get the job done when it comes to preserving the appearance of your pavers, but it is simply not as effective at preserving them long-term as specialized equipment is. The greatest example of this is in pressure washing versus paver sealing. While pressure washing is effective at removing most debris on your pavers, paver sealing is the only process that eliminates debris and forms a barrier on top your pavers to prevent more debris from accumulating on their surface. Specialized equipment and procedures carried out by professionals are effective because they are tailor-made for pavers.

Trustworthy Advice

Whether you haven’t yet installed pavers or you’re just looking for paver maintenance services, it’s crucial to be able to get advice from an expert you can trust. What’s the best paver material for your home’s features and your family’s lifestyle? What kind of everyday maintenance can you do to preserve your pavers long-term? When should you get your pavers sealed? How about re-sealed? This is a big investment – can you rest assured that your pavers will remain intact for the next couple of decades?

All of these are important, game-changing questions, and you should know the answers before investing in paver installation (or any professional paver service). Though a Google search may give you a sense of security, it doesn’t compare to having the individualized attention of a licensed professional who’s seen your home, listened to your needs, and has formulated a one-of-a-kind recommendation for you.

Faster Service

There’s nothing like the peace of mind of knowing that an important job is getting done efficiently and well, and that’s exactly what you get when you hire a full-service paver company. Working with a professional means you and your visitors get to enjoy your home’s exteriors faster, all the while resting assured that they’re built to last. If you’re in need of paver repairs, every moment counts so that your pavers don’t withstand further damage: professionals come quickly and work efficiently to get your home back to pristine condition.

Long-term Paver Protection

Perhaps the most important perk you can get by hiring a full-service paver company is the benefit of long-term paver protection. As we mentioned before, paver sealer is the only thing that actually prevents damage from occurring to your pavers. Sealer forms a virtually impenetrable protective barrier, shielding your pavers against:

Dirt and debris


Algae, mold, and mildew


Fading and discoloration


Scratching, cracking, and chipping


Chlorine and water damage

Paver sealing can extend the lifespan of your pavers by years. It’s a must-have staple of effective paver maintenance, and we recommend it heavily for your home.
Of all the perks you can only get by hiring a full-service paver company, the most notable is the ability to protect your pavers in the long term. Paver sealing significantly extends the lifespan of your pavers, keeping them looking like new for as long as possible. To learn more about paver sealing or get a free quote on your paver sealing project, contact us.

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