How DriBond® Technology Makes Paver Installation Easier and More Effective

We’ve talked about concrete before – specifically, how cracked and chipped concrete poses safety concerns, as well as why pavers are a favorable alternative to concrete for your driveway. That being said, if it’s time to consider upgrading your concrete driveway, it’s natural to have a few questions: what does concrete removal entail? How long does it take to remove concrete and install new pavers? Are there any risks involved? The truth is that, until fairly recently, the answers to those questions would have been very different: concrete removal can be risky and time-consuming. However, one development is completely changing that: DriBond® technology uses cutting-edge technology to make paver installation easier and more efficient than ever. To learn all about it and exactly what makes it so special, keep on reading.

Issues with Concrete Removal

Let’s start with the most important thing: what makes DriBond® so useful in the first place? The answer is simple: the headaches of concrete removal. In addition to being time-consuming, concrete removal is dangerous: it can cause extensive damage to things like underground power lines, sprinkler systems, and other structures surrounding your home. On top of that, concrete removal can be costly – and that’s before paver installation even begins. All in all, though it was a necessary step in new paver installation for years, concrete removal posed quite a few inescapable inconveniences to homeowners for a long time. Since the arrival of DriBond®, that’s changed.

How DriBond® Technology Works

DriBond® is a unique polymer bonding agent that’s uniquely formulated to overlay thin pavers (30mm, or 1in.) or natural stone over a concrete surface. DriBond® has a sand-like consistency while it’s being installed, but it hardens and sets like cement within 48-72 hours of installation.

The result? A powerful, virtually unbreachable barrier between your damaged concrete and your gorgeous new pavers. The one-of-a-kind formulation of DriBond® allows it to withstand years of wear and tear, prevent the growth of grass and mold, and eliminate the need for long-term repairs and maintenance. In short: using DriBond® means not having to go through the risky and time-consuming process of concrete removal, but still being able to install beautiful, long-lasting pavers over a firm foundation.

The Benefits of the DriBond® System

The resilience of DriBond® means that it promises numerous benefits to homeowners. It’s not a shortcut to help circumvent concrete removal: it’s a smart, long-lasting solution for resilient pavers. Some of the major benefits of the DriBond® system include:

Cost-effectiveness and efficiency in installation with a quick and easy application


No long-term repairs or maintenance required


Specifically created for residential properties but strong enough for commercial paving


Has already been successfully installed over millions of square feet


Inhibits the growth of grass and mold

DriBond® technology makes paver installation easier than ever, helping homeowners to reduce costs, save time, and minimize the risks associated with concrete removal. If you’d like to learn more about this powerful solution for paver installation or get a free quote on your installation using DriBond® technology, reach out to us.

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