What to Expect from Your Paver Installation Process

Getting new pavers installed is an exciting step that’ll help usher in a major transformation for your home or business. That being said, it’s an investment of both your time and money, and it’s natural to want to know what to expect. The truth is, no two properties are identical – and a good paver company will adapt their processes to fit your home, not the other way around. That being said, there are a few universal steps and features in the paver installation process that you can expect. By knowing what’s to come and being equipped with the right questions to ask your paver installer, you’ll be equipped to oversee a smooth and successful paver installation process. Take a look at the need-to-knows below!

Expect to Be Given a Schedule

The first thing you should expect to get from your paver installer is a schedule of the days and times you can expect them to arrive at your home. Your paver provider should be adaptive to your schedule and more than willing to work around your needs and obligations. It’s likely they’ll ask you what days and windows of time work best for you for installation to begin, but don’t be shy about asking for a clear written schedule outlining when you can expect your paving team to show up. A prompt response and ability to stick to the provided schedule are two must-have features in your paver installer. If you don’t see these features early on, don’t be afraid to look elsewhere for services.

There Will Be Digging

Don’t be alarmed when the ground is broken on your property. In order for paver installation to be successful, a stable foundation must be established (more on that in a minute), and that means your installer will have to dig deep enough to make that happen. Having digging done on your property means having to take some steps beforehand in order to make sure your electric and gas lines are protected: click here to learn more about how to do this. Once the appropriate precautions have been taken, the digging can begin. Feel free to ask your installer for details about how much they have to dig; any good paver company will understand the importance of communicating clearly with you about work being done on your home.

Setting the Foundation is Crucial

Setting a base for your pavers is probably the most important step of the entire installation process. A weak or improperly installed base will lead to instability, breakage, and generally hazardous pavers, so your installer will take great care to complete this step to the best of their ability. First, the soil will be compacted down to prevent from sticking to the bottoms of your plates. After that, your stone base will be evenly laid out and compacted down in layers.

Advice, Insight, and Open Communication

The most important thing to expect from your very first contact with your paver company is a commitment to open communication. A good paver installer will respond to your questions promptly; a great one will go out of their way and above and beyond to make sure you are aware of and feel comfortable with every step of your paver installation process. From setting up a consultation to scheduling their first visit and work times, your paver installer should be prompt, responsive, and reliable in their communication – and they should be able to answer your questions about any step of the process. Expect this from your paver installer, and don’t settle for less at any step of the process.
Having pavers installed in your home or business is an exciting step, and the finished product will be well worth the process to get there. As you oversee your installation process, know what to expect from the beginning steps of installation, knowing that your paver installer should offer open communication, efficient work, and perfectionism every step of the way. To learn more about paver installation and get a free quote on your paver installation process, contact us.

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