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With Power Pavers, your paver, walkway, or patio will be back to its original condition. Contact us for paver repair services today.

Leave It to the Professionals

It might be tempting to perform a DIY brick paver repair, and it would seem to save you a lot. However, a DIY repair might not solve the problem at its root, and you might install the new pavers poorly, leading to more damage down the road.

And although you save on labor, you’ll spend a lot on tools and materials needed to execute the repair.

Don’t go through all that trouble, only for the paver issue to return. Call us today, and we’ll bring your pavers back to their original condition, with no hassle or frustration on your part. Our team works fast and has access to all the specialized tools needed.

In a matter of days, your driveway, walkway, or patio will look as good as new.

Our Driveway Paver Installation

Damaged Pavers

Our specialists replace brick, concrete, or natural stone pavers that are cracked, chipped, crumbling, distressed, fading, and more. Rest assured that the replacement pavers will blend seamlessly with the rest of the space. They won’t look out of place.

Sunken Pavers

We’ll remove the sunken pavers and fill the underlying area with a base material. Before re-installing the pavers, our team makes sure that the base is compact and level to prevent future problems.

The same goes for loosened pavers. These will be removed, and the underlying area will be filled, compacted, and leveled before re-setting the pavers.


Remove pavers stain

We remove most stains from your paving, such as dirt, calcium, oil, rust, tire marks, efflorescence, and more.

Improve pavers stability

We can improve your pavers interlocking stability by adding missing joint sand, harden and bind the saind to the pavers.

Enhance pavers colors

Our protective paver sealer not only stabilizes your paver system, but also enhances the pavers color.

Ease cleaning routine

Due to the protective sealer, routine cleaning is as simple as dusting away dirt with a blower, broom or hose.


Our work goes far beyond pressure washing. We offer a solution in paving restoration for your garage, patio, pool deck, and sidewalk. Besides cleaning, removing sand and other bothersome things we do sealing.

Get a quick free estimate

Contact our team today, and let’s discuss the issues you have with your pavers.

Hassle-Free Process

Discuss Your Project

Get in touch with our contractors, so we can discuss the paver repair services for your pool, driveway, and more.

Develop the Schedule

We’ll work out the timeline of the repair (some repairs will take longer than others). We’ll also have the materials delivered to your site.

Prep the Site

Once the materials are ready, our team will do the necessary preparations for paver repairs.

Lay the Pavers

Our specialists will then replace the pavers and clean the site up once the job is finished.

The Power Pavers Difference


Our specialists solve the issue at the root.


Our team will discuss the extent of the damage in detail.


Our repair services are covered by a one-year guarantee.

Written Estimates

You’ll get a written quote and a rough timeline of the service.

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We here at power pavers are dedicated to providing you the best possible outdoor living space through creative design and skilled installation. Our teams of trained and highly skilled installers will provide the solid foundation for your outdoor lifestyle. With over 40 years of combine experience our team of professionals will be doing the job quickly and expertly so you can sleep well knowing the job is done right the first time.