Here’s why getting pavers sealed is the non-negotiable step for making them last longer

Pavers are one of the most transformative things you can add to the outside of your home, and the benefits of them don’t end there: they’re more durable than slabs of concrete, better at reducing the risk of slipping, and generally do wonders for a home’s curbside appeal. That said, maximizing the impact of your pavers means making sure they stay in excellent condition over time – and that starts with professional paver sealing. In this post, we’re diving into the real reasons why getting your pavers sealed is a non-negotiable step for making them last longer. Why is paver sealing superior to any other cleaning or paver preservation method? Let’s find out.

Weather Protection

When you get your pavers sealed, a thin protective barrier is placed between your pavers and the elements. This means that, whether it’s the hottest day of the year or you’re hunkering down for a major hurricane (both of which are givens in Florida), your pavers aren’t left to fend entirely for themselves. Paver sealant makes sure that even the harshest of weather conditions aren’t hitting your pavers head-on. This prevents fading and discoloration, as well as the overall integrity of your pavers, to keep them looking and feeling like new for years to come.

Prevents Algae, Mold, and Mildew

Another important thing that the protective paver sealer barrier does is prevent moisture from accumulating between your pavers. Organisms like black algae, mold, and mildew absolutely thrive in warm, humid spaces. You can’t control Florida’s signature heat and humidity, but it is completely possible to control whether that humidity penetrates your pavers and gives way to dangerous growths.

Reduces Risk of Cracks and Breakages

In addition to protecting your pavers against extreme weather conditions, sealer also helps to shield them against everyday wear and tear. From furniture scrapes to splashes from the sprinklers and the pool, there are countless day-to-day incidents that can easily cause pavers to crack or chip. That said, paver sealer creates an effective, long-lasting shield against these mundane (but potentially damaging) instances so that your pavers don’t literally crack under the pressure. This doesn’t just keep your property looking better; it saves you hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars in paver repairs down the line.

Keeps Pavers Intact

Pavers are too big an investment of both time and money to be left totally susceptible to damage. Paver sealing is an easy, painless way to make sure that your pavers are well-taken care of. What’s more: it’s a long-lasting solution. When applied correctly, paver sealer can keep your pavers fully protected for up to two years. We cannot stress enough the importance of taking this measure for your pavers. (What’s more: paver sealer makes your outdoor pavers significantly easy to clean, and it comes in an array of totally natural-looking finishes). Don’t hesitate to look into this effective, worthwhile solution.
We can’t deny it: getting pavers sealed is the non-negotiable step for making them last. Paver sealing is a low-maintenance precaution that yields major, long-lasting results. To get a free quote on your paver sealer installation, reach out to us.

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