How Paver Sealing Can Prevent Mold, Mildew, and Weeds

There’s plenty of information out there about paver installation (and the lead up to it): how to choose the best pavers for your home, what to expect from paver installation, and even what to do if you’re in need of a repair. That said, we haven’t seen nearly as much information about how to prevent the need for repairs in the first place, how to keep your pavers in excellent shape, and how to most effectively protect them from the elements. The answer to all of these “how”s is simple: paver sealing. It’s the most important provision you can take for paver protection; it can’t be replaced by pressure washing or any other measure, and its effects on the appearance and health of your pavers are astronomical. Today, we’re diving into how paver sealing can prevent mold, mildew, and weeds from growing on your property. Let’s get started.

Where Mold and Mildew Thrive

Most Florida homeowners know (many, unfortunately, by experience): mold, mildew, and even weeds thrive in warm, humid environments. Mold and mildew, especially, seek out shaded and enclosed spaces, and this is exactly what pavers provide: the tiny spaces between each paver on your patio become breeding grounds for mold and mildew when left unsealed. This is especially high-risk during Florida’s extremely hot and humid summers. With an outdoor atmosphere that can seem tailor-made to promote mold growth, what can you do to protect your pavers and your investment?

Paver Sealing: How It Works

Paver sealing is a simple process: a layer of protective sealing solution is applied on top of your pavers at least a few weeks after they’ve been installed and allowed to set. This layer of sealant forms a virtually impenetrable barrier between your precious pavers and the elements, preventing water and debris from penetrating them and causing mold or weed growth. It’s simple: with the resilient layer of sealant standing guard, it’s impossible for mold spores to take root and grow. Alternative methods like pressure washing simply blast your pavers with cleaning solution until all of the debris is cleared away, but they do nothing about preventing humidity, more debris, and damaging mold spores from accumulating on your pavers. Paver sealing offers valuable long-term protection.

What this Means for You

Of course, the prevention of mold, mildew, and weed growth in your pavers means that you get to avoid a major headache – and major expenses. Water absorption on its can cause certain paver materials to expand and crack, and weeds make paver deterioration even more likely. Mold and mildew, on the other hand, can be a health hazard as well as threatening to the integrity of your pavers. Paver sealer lasts between one and two years, meaning that one manageable annual investment can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and reinstallations down the line. When it comes to preserving the integrity and safety of your pavers, sealer is a no-brainer.
Paver sealing can prevent mold, mildew, and weeds, in addition to a host of other complications. By investing in paver sealing services from a company you can trust, you’ll be taking a major precaution to keep your property’s exteriors protected and pristine. To get a free quote on your paver sealer, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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