How Paver Sealing Helps Reduce Paver Maintenance Costs Without Sacrificing Appearance or Quality

Paver maintenance doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult in order to be effective. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Paver sealing is more than just an effective, long-term way to protect your pavers: it’s the only preventative measure you can take to keep your pavers from coming into direct contact with a bunch of damaging factors. In today’s post, we’re diving into exactly how paver sealing helps you to reduce paver maintenance costs while preserving the appearance and structural integrity of your pavers in the long term. Let’s go ahead and get started.

How Paver Sealing Works

The sealing process is simple: once your pavers have been given time to set (usually at least 30 days after installation), an even coating of sealer is placed on top of them. Though invisible, sealer is extremely effective: once it’s set, it forms a virtually impenetrable barrier between your pavers and the elements. It seeps into the pores of your pavers, serving as harmless protection against an array of threats, including:

Algae, mold, and mildew spores


Weed growth


Sun damage


Dirt and debris


Water and chlorine


Heavy items, like patio furniture and grills

Once paver sealer is installed and set, that’s it. You can return to business as usual, with one key difference: resting assured that your pavers are well-protected against virtually anything that comes their way. Preventing cracking, fading, discoloration, and paver deterioration is as easy as having sealer professionally installed.

A More Effective Alternative to Pressure Washing

Over time, it is expected that unsealed pavers will begin to show signs of deterioration and wear. The first of these to appear is usually discoloration caused by the accumulation of dirt and debris. Usually, pressure washing is an effective way to remove this debris, giving homeowners the impression that their pavers are back to pristine condition. The caveat, however, is that pressure washing does pretty much nothing to protect your pavers against damage; it can only clean them off once the dirt has already accumulated or the damage has been done. Paver sealer, on the other hand, prevents these hazards from coming into direct contact with your pavers in the first place.

Long-lasting Protection

One coat of professionally installed paver sealer can last anywhere from one to two years. This quick and effective maintenance measure makes it easy to keep your pavers looking good and structurally intact. An added bonus: sealer smoothes out the surface of your pavers, making them much easier to sweep and keep clean. The effects are more than skin-deep: every day, paver sealer locks out UV rays, algae spores, and chemicals that could otherwise severely shorten the lifespan of your pavers.
It’s not difficult to reduce paver maintenance costs while optimizing the appearance and quality of your pavers: all it takes is having paver sealer installed by a professional you can trust. To get a free quote on your paver sealer installation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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