How paver sealing will prevent your pavers from cracking or fading long-term.

The sooner you take action to preserve your pavers, the better equipped they’ll be to stay in perfect shape long-term. What many homeowners don’t know is that paver sealing is the only way to effectively prevent your pavers from cracking or fading. Other measures, like pressure washing, help to clear debris from your pavers. That said, sealing is the only way to prevent debris and damage in the first place. In this post, we’ll be examining how paver sealer works – and what it does in order to protect your pavers and keep them beautiful for as long as possible. Let’s get started.

A Protective Barrier

Paver sealer is essentially an invisible protective barrier that is installed on top of your pavers once they have been given enough time to set (usually at least 30 days following paver installation). Once hardened, paver sealer prevents your actual pavers from coming into direct contact with potentially harmful and damaging elements. This, in turn, helps to preserve both the appearance and integrity of your pavers, allowing them to look and feel like new for as long as possible. Generally speaking, one coat of paver sealer lasts anywhere between one and two years, meaning that just one sealing session can protect your pavers from two years’ worth of damage.

Any Weather, Anywhere

With Florida’s notoriously unpredictable weather, your pavers can use all the protection they can get. The warm, humid temperatures we experience year-round create an environment where mold, black algae, and mildew thrive. Because porous pavers can hold onto moisture for long periods of time, they in turn become the perfect breeding ground for mold when left unsealed. These dangerous growths aren’t just unsightly; they can destroy the structure of your pavers, causing cracks and irreparable damage. Paver sealer, however, prevents algae spores from coming into contact with your pavers at all. The result? Beautifully preserved, mold-free exteriors.

Shield from the Sunshine State

Florida’s token humidity isn’t the only weather condition that can cause notable damage to your pavers: its relentless sunshine can also do its fair share of damage. Even the most resilient pavers are no match for endless days directly under the hot Florida sun. If left unsealed, pavers are likely to display fading and discoloration due to sun damage. Paver sealer isn’t just a barrier against physical debris; it shields your beautiful pavers against the sun’s UV rays, preserving their color and your property’s appearance for years to come.


Chances are, you invested in your new pavers because you like to enjoy your property’s exteriors – and it’s important to be able to do that with complete peace of mind. Whether it’s from patio furniture, poolside splashes, or hundreds of footsteps at dozens of family gatherings, your pavers will withstand quite a bit of wear-and-tear. Paver sealing is the most powerful precaution you have to protect them against it. The impenetrable barrier formed by paver sealer prevents your pavers from being damaged by the inevitable scratches, scuffs, and cracks that come with use, making them appear perfect throughout years’ worth of barbecues and birthday parties.
Your pavers are a fantastic investment in your home’s appearance and functionality; paver sealer helps you to protect that investment for as long as possible. Paver sealing is the only thing that can prevent your pavers from cracking or fading long-term. To get your free quote on paver sealing with Power Pavers, don’t hesitate to click here.

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