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what is walkways services?

You can choose from a variety of attractive colors and patterns to perfectly complement your home’s architecture and your individual style. Adding stone sidewalks to your front landscape is a foolproof way to improve the curb appeal of your home and increase its market value by up to 2x more quickly and affordably. No matter if you are preparing your home for sale or settling in for the next 25 years, our brick paver walkways can dramatically transform your home’s exterior and cause envy in your neighborhood.

how does walkways work?

Stone walkway designs have been used for hundreds of years to add charm, class, and beauty to some of the finest homes in the world.  We work with interlocking walkway decks that can withstand exposure to all weather factors, from intense dry heat to freezing temperatures. You can count on your cobblestone walkway, driveway, patio, and pool deck to maintain its beauty and slip-resistant performance year after year. We are so confident that our walkway services will provide lasting quality that we give you a guarantee. If a stain or chip occurs, the individual paving stones can be removed and replaced quickly and easily; this is a feature that no other surface covering can match.

benefits of custom walkways

Custom walkways, when done right, go far beyond providing occupants with the obvious benefit of connecting point A to point B. With Power Pavers they also deliver:

Unified Area

Unified Area

Paved walkways give gardens a whole new look. By using natural stone as a flooring material around an outdoor grill and on the walkway leading to this area, you create a sense of cohesion in your landscape. The end result is a property that is unified, stunning, and simply breathtaking.



The aforementioned cohesion also increases the attractiveness of a property's curb appeal. Walkways should provide a sense of order, welcome, and refinement. They allow the entrance to a house to be both inviting and an extension of the house and its architecture. Enhanced curb appeal is great for the homeowner's daily enjoyment; who wouldn't want the most attractive home in the neighborhood? When it comes time to consider selling, the same strong sense of curb appeal can create an immediate and positive response from interested buyers, as well as an increase in property value.

Resource limit

Resource limit

A well-built custom walkway service composed of stone, paving, bricks, or similar materials improves the safety of a particular path in your yard and landscaping. They level out rough or steep terrain and provide a smooth, easy path to cross. If you have guests, walkways can ensure that they know where to go, will get there without tripping, and can avoid walking on delicate areas of lawn or damaging planting areas.



We are confident in our work and so sure that we can deliver quality service that we offer a guarantee. If within one year any problem happens with the service we provide, you can contact us and we will fix it at no cost.


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Prep the Site

Once everything’s ready, our installers will begin preparations for the pavers.

Lay the Pavers

Our installers will then lay the pavers by hand one by one. Once we’re done with all the walkways, we clean up the site, and you can enjoy strolling on your new walkways.

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Want an extra layer of gloss and color for your walkways? You’ll get it at Power Pavers, for less. If you use sealing or staining services from our team, you’ll get them at a fraction of the cost compared to using a different contractor. Inquire now!

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